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Airsoft game organizer & airsoft replica rental

The French leader in airsoft gun games, our company Wild Trigger supervises more than 50,000 players every year in a friendly and fun environment on several dozens of airsoft fields in France.

aser tag. Airsoft is played with realistic looking replica guns, the compressed air shots painless and non-dirty 6mm pellets in a precise manner and with an average range of 60m. 

With many atypical fields, all over France, we make it a point of honour to immerse you in exciting scenarios with optimum playing comfort. Our airsoft events offer you enough time to enjoy an unusual adventure. Do you want to relive an action movie, a video game or a Zombie Survival? We can do it.

We do everything we can to ensure that anyone who wants to play is able without distinction.

Airsoft equipment rental

ment directly ready to play. A detailed briefing is included in our service.

If you want to rent airsoft equipment for your next game, find all the information on the following link:

Airsoft equipment rental

Privatisation of sites & works councils

Our airsoft fields can host, both during the week and at the weekend, any event of cohesion such as works councils, student offices, bachelor party, inter-team meeting with our large rental park of airsoft replicas. Something new compared to the traditional paintball.

To do this nothing could be easier, contact us and privatize the field of your choice on [email protected]

We do everything we can to ensure that anyone who wants to play can do so without distinction. You want to come and play an airsoft game alone or with others? Our professional organizers will be there to welcome you whether you are in a team, association or freelance.