All the rules that apply to our fields.


The practice of Airsoft is based on fair play, respect for the players and the rules. When participating in games organized by Wild Trigger, each player must follow the rules presented in the following text as well as the airsoft rentals. Any failure to respect the rules will result in a warning, or even exclusion from the field in the event of serious or repeated failure without any refund. As a reminder, airsoft guns with replicas of more than 0.08j are forbidden to anyone under the age of 18. The rental of airsoft guns is forbidden to minors (players under 18 years of age) and to come to games as a participant during Wild Trigger events. It is imperative to be aware of the rules and practices on the fields.

Playing zone: area where the air soft gun game takes place.
Safe zone: secured area where the use of replicas and pyrotechnics is prohibited.
Field: includes safe play areas as well as non-playable areas (parking, dangerous areas, etc.)
Respawn point: zone that allows players who have been hit to return to the game.

Some fields have specific rules which you can read about on the various field sheets at the following address:

The rules were updated on 24/11/2022.

This rules are subject to change.

Generality and participation in an event:

- These rules apply in its entirety to all participants in a Wild Trigger event. No one is deemed to be ignorant of the rules.
- Violation of the rules will lead to sanctions ranging from a simple warning to exclusion from the current event without refund, or even permanent exclusion from all future events.
- These rules are subject to change, an organiser will notify players if this is the case.

Safety and behaviour rules:

Any action on your behalf should be driven first and foremost by fair play and the desire to keep yourself and others safe.

A) Security on the field:
n the playing area (even outside the playing time or during breaks). It is strongly recommended to wear a mask that also protects the lower part of your face.
- Players must respect the markings set up and the instructions given by the organizers at the beginning of the game.
- Any problem relating to safety (missing or damaged beacon, accident...) must be reported immediately to an organizer (use radio channel P4).
- At the end of the game or on the way to the neutral zone, the player must disengage the magazine of their main replica, empty the last pellets usually present in the hop-up block of the replica and finally put the firing selector in "safety". Handguns must be secured in their holster.
- No magazines should be engaged in the neutral zone.
- The consumption of alcohol or playing under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
- Illegal substances are prohibited. Their possession or use by a player will result in his permanent exclusion from the field.
- CBD is not allowed on the fields, for traceability reasons.
- It is forbidden to climb or step over an obstacle higher than your waist height.
- It is not allowed to run in the dark if you cannot see where you are going.
- Move with care, choose safety over efficiency in the game.

B) Security during engagements:
- It is imperative to respect the engagement distances for each replica.
- It is forbidden to lean out of windows to shoot, you can shoot out of windows but only the barrel of your replica can extend out of it, the magazine well must remain inside.
- Blind firing (called "Lebanese firing") is forbidden, you must have your eyes behind your sights in all circumstances, only heavy support replicas can be used in hip firing (M249, Sulfateuse, RPK...)
- Do not aim for the head, unless it is the only shooting option available. Prefer to shoot at the chest, especially at the waistcoat.
- In anticipation, when you enter an area with a short engagement distance, switch to a handgun or other replica with no minimum engagement distance.
- It is forbidden to shoot through a hole smaller than the size of an A4 sheet.
- Hand grenade throws must be announced, say "Grenade!" before you throw.
- Hand grenades must be thrown in a spoon shape (swinging from the bottom up), and at man's height only (forbidden to throw a grenade from a floor to the bottom or vice versa for example).
- A preshoot without target identification and analysis is prohibited. Only an organiser can judge the relevance of a preshoot.
- The rates of fire should not be so excessive as to replace a supporting replica.

C) Rules of behaviour:
- You need to maintain a good atmosphere and immersion in the game.
- If you are unable to resolve a problem quickly and calmly, you should contact an organiser.
- It is not allowed to move scenery / create barricades.
- Every player must show fair play and common sense.
- Respect for other players is imperative, no insults (even as a "joke"), no discrimination or mockery, on the other hand do not hesitate to congratulate or encourage other players, they will repay you a thousand times more.
- Please do not leave your trash on the field, throw it in a bin or take it home.
- Spawnkill is strictly prohibited.

Power limits and engagement distances :
- At the beginning of each event a mandatory power check of your replicas will be performed.

The power of a replica will be measured by the chrony in joules. You will have to announce the weight of your BB's to the person passing you the chrony. Checks during the game will also take place, the slightest deviation in power will be sanctioned by the exclusion of the player.

- Hand-held replicas (semi-automatic AP) (GBB, AEP, CO2...) up to 1.1j: No minimum engagement distance.
- Long replicas (semi-automatic/pump) (AEG, GBBR, SPRING, CO2, HPA...) up to 1.1j: No minimum engagement distance.
- Long (semi-automatic) replicas (AEG, GBBR, SPRING, CO2, HPA...) from 1.1j to 1.5j: 5 meters minimum engagement distance.
- Supporting replicas (short bursts) (M249, M60, LMG, RPK...) up to 1.5j: 10 meters minimum engagement distance.
- Sniper and anti-sniper replicas (semi-automatic) (scope and bipod mandatory): up to 1.97j: 15 meters minimum engagement distance.
- Sniper replicas (Spring or manually operated gas): up to 1.97j: 20 meters minimum engagement distance.
- Snipers and anti-snipers are switched to chrony at 0.20g BB's.

Limitations on permitted material:

A) Pyrotechnics:
- All kinds of fireworks and smoke are strictly forbidden.

B) Hand grenades:
- Only "Tornado", "Kimera", "Cyclone" or equivalent gas grenades are permitted.
- All other grenades are strictly forbidden (CO2, pyrotechnic grenades, etc...). Mike grenades are not allowed.

C) Exercise knife:
- Replica knives are allowed, the blade must be harmless (soft plastic / rubber).
- The throwing of practice knives is prohibited.
- All other knives are prohibited, even for decorative purposes.

D) Tactical shields:
- Replica tactical shields must be reported to a member of the organization prior to the start of a game, who may or may not decide to allow the person to use them.
- The shield wearer will only be able to fire a replica handgun.
- A shield does not protect against hand grenades or 40mm grenades.
- A shield destroyed by a 40mm must be repaired at the spawn for 1 minute.
- The shield can only be transferred to another wearer in the spawn area.

E) Personal Carrying :
- 300 BB's of carry on you, reloadable only at the spawn area.
- For support type replicas (M249...), one ammobox per life.
- Maximum of 2 hand grenades on you per half day.
- 6 40mm grenades maximum on you per half day.
- Grenades and 40mm are not reloadable once the game has started, you will only be able to reload them during the lunch break for the afternoon.
- Hi-cap magazines are prohibited for "HPA" or "Polarstar" type replicas (maximum 120 rounds).
- You can go back to refill or reload your grenades in the neutral zone only and during the lunch break.

F) Miscellaneous:
- The use of strobes is prohibited.
- The use of lasers is prohibited.
- It is forbidden to carry weapons, even for decorative purposes.
- 40 mm grenades must be triggered via a grenade launcher.
- Only grenades that fit into a grenade launcher are considered 40mm grenades (devices that fit under pistols are considered shotguns).

Required equipment:

A) Security:
- Protective eyewear suitable for airsoft to EN 166 A or EN 166 B standards.
- Footwear that protects the ankles and provides good foot support (e.g. intervention or hiking shoes) is highly recommended.
- Body protection adapted to the game.
- A (dummy) health cuff or kill-rag to take out when you are "out".

B) Dresscode:
- It is imperative to respect the dresscode selected when you registered.
- What we expect from the participants is to have a credible outfit that reinforces the immersion in the game.
- An organiser may refuse entry to a player whose attire is deemed inappropriate.
- Bi-tails are not allowed, the sleeves of the jacket/shirt and the trousers must belong to the same team.
- Players with two outfits are advised to take them for the purpose of rebalancing the game.

Hit rules:

A) Elimination of a player:
- 1 BB hit eliminates you (allied shots count!).
- A grenade explosion within 5 meters eliminates you.
- A BB from a grenade more than 5 metres away also eliminates you.
- Any player hit by a grenade is DEFINITELY OUT and must return to their respawn area.
- Hand grenades and 40mm grenades eliminate all players in a small room whether they are hidden or not in the background (behind a table, a curtain, a barricade...).
- Being hit with a drill knife eliminates you ( you should not shout OUT to respect your opponent's action). Being hit with a rifle stock also eliminates you.
- Hand-held hits are not allowed (shoulder or waistcoat hits, etc.).
- When in doubt, declare yourself hit.
- If you hit an allied player, you are also hit.
- "Bang" and "Freeze" are not allowed.

B) Hit on airsoft replica:
- A BB hit on the replica in your hand neutralises the replica, you must use another replica.
- If you don't have another line, you are out (you can use your dummy knife as a last resort).
- When your replica is neutralized, shout " REPLICA OUT!" clearly and audibly.
- Go back to your respawn point for 1 minute to be able to use your airsoft replica again.

C) When you're out:
1) If this is your first hit:
- Shout "OUT!" clearly and audibly from a distance while raising your hand in the air and then get down on your knees or on the ground, keeping your kill rag in view throughout this phase (of course if you have health problems related to your knees or anything else, inform the organizer who will allow you to stay up)
- If you are in the way of the game too much, you can take one or two steps to the side so as not to get in the way and then kneel or lie down.
- You can stay out for up to 120 seconds in order to be healed. If you feel that you will not be healed, you are free to go directly to your respawn point.
- You can also say "medic" or call for a medic on the radio.
- If a doctor has treated you during the 120 seconds, shout out loud "back in game".

2) If you have already been treated:
- Shout "OUT DEF!" clearly and audibly from a distance while raising your hand in the air and then you may return to your respawn point. HOWEVER, you must let the current action finish and not interfere with the game.

3) At the respawn point:
- Respawn rules may vary from scenario to scenario, so be sure to pay attention during briefings.
- Timer respawns can be done, e.g. when on a clock you see the number 'two' last and at the minutes, you can return to the game.
- When you go back into play say "Back in play!"
- Remove your healing armband from your arm when you go back into the game, you get a new life every time you respawn and can therefore get healed again.

4) Medics:
- The rules of healing and the number of medics may vary from one scenario to another, so please pay attention during the briefings.
- Medics are strictly defined before the game starts, you cannot change medics during the game.
- The medic cannot treat a player who has already been treated.
- A medic can be healed by any other player.
- A medic can't self-heal.
- If the player does not have an armband: no healing.

5) Healing procedures:
- 15 pulses at real rhythm and then apply the kill-rag.
- Any interruption of healing causes the healing procedure to be reset.
- Keep your kill-rag on your arm to indicate that you have already been hit.
- If you reach 120 seconds and no medic has healed you are permanently OUT, move around while keeping one hand up and signalling on your way back to your respawn point.

E) Miscellaneous:

- To allow better immersion of the players, do not hesitate to roleplay, i.e. simulate your injury etc. Don't be afraid of being dragged along, etc.
- It is possible to perform an "extraction" on an "Out" player, to do this grab him by the shoulder or under the arms and say "extraction!" Then move the player to a nearby location. You should not perform an extraction over long distances.
- Any allied player may perform an extraction.
- You are not allowed to communicate when you are eliminated (except to signal that you are out).
- Your number one priority when you are eliminated is not to disrupt the ongoing action, so use common sense.
- You are not allowed to be a "human shield" when you are eliminated.

Enjoy the game!